Meet Laura Tilbury – winner of the Do What Matters Most Award

Meet Laura Tilbury – winner of the Do What Matters Most Award


“My instant reaction to winning was – ‘no way, that’s crazy. I haven’t done anything anyone wouldn’t do’. It’s nice for the whole area because we’ve had a tough year. It’s nice for something good to come out of it.”


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Laura is a problem-solver. As a funeral arranger, she makes things happen.

There’s no denying her area have had a tough year. But her positive energy is infectious and came into play when she gave everything to help re-open the Windsor branch after it closed.

“When we went in we didn’t have anything,” she explains. “We had to build relationships with ministers, clergy, churches, the community, from scratch.”

Laura’s dedication and willingness to go the extra mile meant the branch opened in no time with brilliant feedback from local people and has now become one of the busiest in the network.

Families first

But it was her tireless work behind the scenes when a local crematorium said they were going to cancel a family’s service for their loved one, because of reasons out of Funeralcare’s control, where she truly showed that doing what matters most is what she’s all about.

Where some would’ve cracked under the pressure and passed the problem to someone more senior, Laura did what mattered most and used her initiative. Thinking cleverly around the problem and going out of her way to get things back on track.

“This family wouldn’t have been able to say goodbye to their loved one,” she says. “To me, it was just another problem to solve in the life of a funeral arranger. I don’t think it’s anything special.

“There’s no better feeling knowing that that funeral went off with no problems. A family will never get over something going wrong in a funeral – so we make sure nothing does.

“I feel that this award is for all the funeral arrangers in this area including my job-share Sue. It’s good to know people recognise us and realise we’re a key cog in the whole operation.

“This is everyday stuff to us. I know colleagues that go out of their way all the time to help families in any way they can – that’s just what you do.”

What colleagues said about Laura

“I know, as a line manager, that most arrangers would have cracked under this pressure and passed the situation to a manager to resolve.

“She dealt with the situation, found a resolution then updated me and carried out the rest of her plan.

“She absolutely did, and does, what matters most for the business, for the branch, for the deceased, and for the family. She is a shining example of doing what matters most.”

“Not only is Laura training a new colleague but is helping to open this branch following a refit and many months of closure.”