Meet Sam Peake – winner of the Store Colleague of the Year Award

Meet Sam Peake – winner of the Store Colleague of the Year Award


“I’m speechless to win this award. It’s amazing. I’ve won Store Colleague of the Year! That’s a bit ‘wow’ isn’t it?”


NOTE: we know videos can’t be watched in store – but you can watch them from your own device, anytime, by searching for ‘Co-op Colleagues’ on YouTube.

Sam is special. Her work in the community is outstanding. Spreading our Co-op brand and what we stand for is her reason for being.

She works tirelessly in her own time to build relationships between her store and its customers.

From annual events, village fun days, Christmas street fairs to Co-op colleague football tournaments – she organises them all. Giving up her own time to make things happen. Bringing people together in the community is what she’s all about.

Whether repainting the local library or turning an old chicken shed into Santa’s Grotto – she takes everyone along with her through enthusiasm and passion. She’s a 1 co-operator.

What colleagues are saying about Sam

“She really is an inspiration. Not only does she arrange, advertise and man all of her events, she involves all local business to join in too – all the time spreading the Co-op brand as far as she can. We even got a mention on the BBC news about our excellent community work when our cash machine was blown up.”

“An outstanding candidate in this category. Her work engaging our community with our brand has been phenomenal.”

“She also helps with other Co-op stores’ community work. Where does she find the time, with working in store and being a single mother to three children?”