Top tips

We’ve put together some top tips on saying thank you at the Co-op.

1. Be timely

Saying thank you in the moment can be more powerful than saving it up for later.

2. Be specific

Explain what you’re thanking your colleague for and if you can relate this to the Ways of Being Co-op – that’s even better.

3. Be personal

Try to tailor your thank you to the individual. If you think they’d appreciate a handwritten card more than an email, do it – there’s no right or wrong way to say thanks.

4. Say it like you mean it

Being authentic in your thanks will make a difference.

5. Say it in front of the whole team

But before you do, just think about whether your colleague will be happy to be the centre of attention (not everyone is!). Giving thanks in front of the whole team can strengthen team bonds.

6. Get others involved

Share great stories and involve other people in recognising your team.

7. Set out clear expectations

Share what ‘good’ looks like so colleagues know what to aim for.