Thank you for #BeingCoop
Saying thank you made simple

Why say thank you?

Did you know, a lack of recognition is the number one reason people leave their jobs? Proving that a simple thank you goes a long way.

It can work wonders when it comes to lifting morale, helping people feel more connected to the Co-op and motivating colleagues to want to do more for others and themselves. It’s not rocket science but it works!

From a business view, recognition improves engagement, and engagement improves productivity – so it’s a win-win for the Co-op. But from a personal point of view, think about the last time you were thanked. How did it make you feel? Saying those simple two words makes such a difference and when you’re specific with your thank you and when you reinforce it with our Ways of Being, it can have an even bigger impact.

You can send another colleague a digital thank-you card for a job well done or just for Being Co-op – doing what matters most; showing we care; being ourselves and succeeding together.

We have put together some training resources for leaders and managers, which can be found here.

Guides and information pack

We've created the following guides to give you some ideas on saying

Click here to read our quick guide for colleagues.

Click here for more ideas for managers.

A summary of all the crucial bits that make up Thank You for Being Co-op.

Top tips

We’ve put together some top tips on saying thank you at the Co-op.

Saying thank you in the moment can be more powerful than saving it up for later.

Explain what you’re thanking your colleague for and if you can relate this to the Ways of Being Co-op – that’s even better.

Try to tailor your thank you to the individual. If you think they’d appreciate a handwritten card more than an email, do it – there’s no right or wrong way to say thanks.

Being authentic in your thanks will make a difference.

But before you do, just think about whether your colleague will be happy to be the centre of attention (not everyone is!). Giving thanks in front of the whole team can strengthen team bonds.

Share great stories and involve other people in recognising your team.

Share what ‘good’ looks like so colleagues know what to aim for.

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