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Co-op Champions

Every day, every week, every month, Co-op colleagues are doing great things.

While the #BeingCoop Awards happen once a year, we know that there are Co-op colleagues across the UK who are regularly being brilliant, and we’d like to recognise them more regularly too. You can see details of our previous Co-op Champions below.

Our Co-op Champions awards are currently closed, but why not head over to our #BeingCoop Awards page to nominate your colleague today.

1. Being amazing - big or small

Whether you’re nominating a colleague because they did something big (like organising an event in their community or being heroic in an emergency) or for something they do every day (perhaps come rain or shine, they always have a smile for everyone or they’re the glue that holds the team together), whatever your reason, we’d like to hear about it.

2. Details, details, details!

The more you can tell us about the person or team you’re nominating, the better. Why are you nominating them? Does it relate to a specific event or is it something they do well every day?

3. Examples and stories are good.

If it’s about a specific event, tell us the story of what they did and how that made you/others feel. If it’s about something routine, include an example and tell us how that affects you/others.

4. Pictures tell 1,000 words

If you like, why not include some photos or a short video showing your colleague in action (with their permission) or the results of what they achieved.

5. Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

Remember to make sure you include all the important details – not only about what your colleague has done but about why you’re choosing to nominate them.
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